• Lewis

…as it let out a pitiful howl…

Once upon a time there was a pack of wolves and the leader was called Tchalla.

(''Don't get me wrong wolves don't have names, it's just fantasy''.)

Tchalla and his pack of wolves dominated the far lands and for years they ruled the land for miles but there was one bit the wolves didn't rule and it was called the merciless forest. Any wolves who hunted there would not return, and for a hundred years it was like that.

Then one day, one wolf stumbled into the forest and got lost, it stumbled out the other side of the forest and came across a city.

The wolf ran and ran back to its pack and it lead them to the city.

They ran there by night slowly dominating the city but one day they heard a dreadful noise.

It was a child playing the saxophone and as the noise faded into the night,

the pack let out a pitiful howl...

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